Research Highlight: Science of EJ Cumulative Assessment Methods

Comprehensive Review of Frameworks, Methods, and Metrics for Cumulative Impact Assessment of Vulnerable Communities: A Science Perspective

The Foundation for Chemistry Research & Initiatives (FCRI) is pleased to support research focused on the scientific methods used for evaluating the cumulative impacts chemical and non-chemical stressors in vulnerable communities. Health inequities in disadvantaged communities can be exacerbated by socioeconomic and psychological stressors, background exposures and health conditions, and ethnic and cultural factors, which can be compounded by disproportionate exposures to pollution. The overall objective of this research investigation was to clarify the current underlying science, methods, and models used to develop cumulative assessments, and to explore potential research needs for improving the quality and usefulness of cumulative impact assessments for communities with EJ concerns. A draft abridged executive summary of the research report is available here. The full Executive Summary and entire Report will be released once the journal article derived from this report has been accepted for publication in the scientific literature.